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DAWANAU MARKET, KANO STATE Maize – N400,000/MT Sorghum – N380,000/MT Sesame – N1,650,000/MT Hibiscus – N1,250,000/MT Soya Beans – N450,000/MT Iron Beans – N495,000/MT Groundnut – N750,000/MT Ginger – N2,000,000/MT Last Price Updated – 24th November 2023 as at 4:00pm.


Chief Operating Officer:



Chief Operating Officer:


Abubakar Ibrahim Garba

Chief Operating Officer

Silvex Chief Operating Officer

Abubakar is an accomplished operations executive, astute entrepreneur, business and strategy consultant with successful track records of overseeing project planning processes, field operations, export logistics and international trade.

A curious conceptual thinker and a born problem-solver with a penchant for retooling ideas, Abubakar Stops at nothing every time; reinventing to deliver value across the agricultural value chain. He has been associated with the company since it’s inception as promoter, co-founder and a pioneer director. He is responsible for the overall work of the company and is instrumental in taking strategic decisions for the company.

Abubakar is an alumnus of the prestigious Dangote Business School, Bayero University Kano, where he studied Masters of Business Administration specializing on Agribusiness Management (MBA-Agribusiness). He is a PhD Economics candidate at Othman Yeop Abdallah Graduate School of Business, University of Utara, Malaysia. His major research interests are: Agribusiness and International Trade with particular focus on global food security and commodity exchange in developing countries. A graduate of ESAE Benin, he is an alumnus of the Confucius Institute of the University of Lagos and the Antai College of Economics & Management of Shanghai Jaio Tong University China.

Abubakar is a Certified Financial Analyst and a member of the Institute of Agribusiness Management of Nigeria. He is a certified Business Development Service Provider (BDSP) and has supported/mentored aspiring entrepreneurs to build, launch and run their businesses. He has attended several workshops, seminars and trade fairs/show locally and internationally. He is a recipient of several awards.

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