Silvex International Limited is a wholly indigenous and rapidly growing integrated Agribusiness, Mining and Logistics Company with diverse Interest in Commodity Aggregation, Processing and Trading. The company came into being through innovative ideas to be promising, dynamic and prime example of African Potentials in Agribusiness, Commodity Trading and Mining. ...Read More

Our Vision:

Our purpose is to ensure availability, accessibility and affordability of essential feeds, food products, and commodities across key global markets. We build sustainable agricultural supply chain and create value to farmers and consumers. 

Our Mission:

Our sustainable farming and investment in agricultural innovation are paramount and represent the best means to increase productivity and crops yields, preserve natural resources and table food security at large.

Our Services:

In order to be certain for healthy consumption we do the farming, production and also engage other smallholder farmers as a backward integration measure. We also do the packaging; marketing; warehousing, export, consultancy and serves as commodity deal brokerage respectively in Nigeria and beyond. ...Read More

Top Management: 

Abubakar Usman Adam (CEO)

A self-motivated and highly energetic leader with negotiation skills in commercial contract and promising young Executive who has more than Ten (10) years voluntarism, public services and private sector backgrounds; his areas of engagements and expertise includes: human resources management, research, production, business negotiations and warehousing management, practical Executive Assistant; Cofounder and Principal partner of this great company, Silvex. ...Read More

Abubakar Garba Ibrahim (COO)

Abubakar is an accomplished operations executive, astute entrepreneur, business and strategy consultant with successful track records of overseeing project planning processes, field operations, export logistics and international trade. A curious conceptual thinker and a born problem-solver with a penchant for retooling ideas, Abubakar Stops at nothing every time; reinventing to deliver value across the agricultural value chain. He has been associated with the company since it’s inception. ...Read More

Silvex Green Updates:

Nigeria is ranked third largest exporter of sesame around the globe with trading capacity of over 130 billion naira in 2019.

This is made known by the Chief Operating Officer of Silvex International Limited, Alh. Abubakar Garba Ibrahim while presenting a paper at the monthly industry lecture series organized by the Bayero University Centre for Dryland Agriculture (CDA) in Kano, Nigeria.

Silvex International Limited Creates 1,500 direct Jobs on various Agricultural Value Chain in Nigeria. The CEO, Abubakar Usman Karfi, made this known while anchoring a presentation during a webinar to celebrate the International Youth Day 2021 as contained in a communique issued in Kano and signed by the moderator of the webinar Dr Adnan Aminu Adnan.

The Webinar Presentation titled “Youth Engagement in Agriculture: The Silvex Solution to Insecurity & Climate” is part of the activities to mark the 2021 International Youth Day. Read More

Yesterday we had a meeting with Roxanne Abdulali; Manager (LINKS) Economic Growth Practice, TETRA TECH INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT.
Our discussion centered on the impact of our project on rural livelyhoods and economic opportunities; farmer onboarding and data management. Our team assured her of our readiness for more Investment in outgrower schemes and climate smart agriculture!
We have also briefed her on our AIP project and we're so excited by the understanding and suggestions of the project concept and perspectives.

Silvex international limited invest in Organic Groundnut (Peanut) Farming. The company will engage farmers on 137 hectares in Garki LGA and 150 hectares in Jahun LGA all in Jigawa State! Land clearing and preparations exercise are already done and the planting operation has attain 40% level so far.

The total of 287 hectares is set to produce hundreds of tons of the produce during the farming season, and the project is put in place by silvex in order to leverage the Agricultural Value Chain in Nigeria

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